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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Allergic To Clean Clothes

Since Thursday I was having this problem with the scent of my newly laundered clothes. I keep on smelling the tough scent of the fabric conditioner. I don’t know if I’m getting a cold or the main problem is my laundered clothes. It has been four weeks now since I have rendered the services of the laundry shop in our neighborhood. So far, my clothes are clean and they smell so nice. I just have to observe if I still experience the fabric conditioner smell or else I have to visit other laundry shops.

Anyway, yesterday and today, I was coughing and excreting phlegm. This might be because of the change in weather and the lack of intake of Vitamin C. After I have emptied the bottle of my Vitamin C, I still haven’t bought a new one. Calling the attention of manufacturers of Vitamin C, I need your free supply of Vitamin C. Hehe…

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Leonore said...

bakit makoy asthmatic ka ba?

pehpot said...

oh I know the feeling.. masyado matapang ang ginagamit ng mga laundry shop eh

Make or Break

Denis said...

sometimes, we grow too accustomed with some smell kaya pag nag iba, it feels weird