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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What’s Up With Me?

Finally, after three days of hiatus, I’m finally back in writing again. I have been feeding my blog with previously created posts and it’s time now to catch up.

Speaking of previously created posts, a friend of mine have asked me weeks ago if I was interested in writing for a certain blog. I immediately said yes upon knowing the details. He asked me to write two sample articles about Philippine tourism. It was sad to know that his contact was actually looking for a content writer doing the whole website. At least they were impressed with my sample articles. These two sample articles were my recent posts, “Food Destinations In The Metro” and “Best Hotels In Ortigas Center.”

Just this Monday, he offered me a new writing deal. He asked me to ghostwrite for him. I would write about five articles with different topics with a minimum of 100 words. So far I’m done with three articles and the other one is half finished. My deadline is the whole day of Saturday, so I still have three more days to finish it.

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