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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Starved Christmas

I arrived yesterday in the apartment around 5 P.M. I was thinking to just eat in Robinson’s Galleria but I was so tired that I had decided to just eat in my apartment. While I was in the tricycle, I noticed that the eatery that I usually go was closed. I was happy to see that the “Tapsilugan” near my apartment was open, my other option.

I went to my bed then just lied there. I watched TV until quarter to seven. I went to the “Tapsilugan” to have my dinner there. To my surprise, the eatery was open but they don’t sell food. Arggh! That time I was already starving.

I have decided to just eat in Jollibee. I saw on my way home that malls and fast food chains are open. I went back to my apartment to get some coins and to grab my wallet in case I need to buy something else.

I ordered for the spaghetti and burger combo and extra French fries. That only costs 100 pesos. I thought of using my Jollibee gift certificate but used my cash instead. I would just use it when I don’t have extra cash.

Just this morning, I was happy to see that my usual eatery was already open. Thank God!

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1 comment:

Denis said...

I think establishments will not spare holidays anymore during these economic crisis.