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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Love Offering Or Plain Business?

The other day, I took the jeepney on my way home. I was surprised that when we reached IPI near Rosario, a man got in the jeepney and started distributing letters. Afterwards, he started begging for money. I didn’t bother to read the letter and just waited for him to leave.

For certain, you have experienced being preached inside the bus, but this was different. Not only was his main purpose to just ask for money, but also he also didn’t even bother to explain his organization’s whereabouts.

I honestly don’t believe in this type of preaching. I find them to be just racketeering. If you really want to spread the word of God, you don’t need to ask for money. I even encountered a preacher in a bus where she keeps on saying scary stuffs just to get money from the passengers.

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