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Sunday, December 16, 2007

My New Rubber Shoes

Fila Buy A Sole Feed A SoulVisit to Commonwealth Continuation
After our quick snack, we went to Abenson’s and Western Appliance Center where I checked out the blender and toaster. I planned to give a family friend a blender or a toaster. Since the blender costs a lot, I might give them a toaster. We also checked Bench, Penshoppe, Lee, Fila and other clothing shops. I saw this rubber shoes in Fila that I really like. Their prices where dropped tremendously--50% off! And if you purchase a pair of shoes, a portion of the sale would be donated to a charitable institution. Isn’t that nice? This promo is called, “Buy a sole, feed a soul.”

We left the store then went to Chowking to buy a snack and to rest our tired feet. We were about to start our snack when my friend’s cousin sent a SMS message asking us to fetch her. She also asked us to buy her ice. Since we were already eating, she texted that she would just go to Ever and join us. She asked my friend to buy her a Fiesta halo-halo since she is only allowed to eat cold soft foods.

My friend’s cousin arrived when we’re about to finish our halo-halo. We decided to come back to Fila to finally buy the rubber shoes that I liked. I immediately asked the saleslady in an angel costume (Angel wings with halo) to try the shoe in display. It’s a size 9 and it was a bit tight for my foot. I asked for the size 10 and immediately loved its fitting on my feet. There was even a free green shoelace in the box.

Fila White Christmas TreeAnyway, while trying the shoe, we were making fun of the saleslady with the angel costume. We asked her if her wings and halo was heavy and even asked her if her boss forced her to wear the costume. We even asked the Supervisor why he wasn’t wearing an angel costume. After completing the sale, the supervisor gave me a Christmas tree paper décor where I wrote my name and signature. After signing, the “angel” saleslady assisted me in placing the paper décor in their white Christmas tree. It was fun buying this rubber shoes! If you desire to buy a new shoe and help less fortunate children, why not purchase your new pair at Fila?

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Denis said...

those shoes look neat!

Sherry said...

I got the rubber sports shoes its killing my foot!