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Saturday, December 1, 2007

My New Haircut And Slippers

Yey! Finally, I had my haircut today. At least, I don’t feel fugly anymore, just ugly. Hehe. I woke up today around 10 A.M. Our neighbor church is once again playing Christmas songs even it is Saturday. Harrr! After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went outside to buy a pack of slice bread and my latest craving, EGG PIE! It was unfortunate that there are no egg pies on the nearby bakery. Instead of buying egg pie, I just bought a pack of slice bread and five pieces of “kababayan” bread.

After my breakfast, I went on a DVD marathon of my new favorite American series. By 1 P.M., I took my bath then had my lunch outside. After lunch, I just watched TV and rested. By 3 P.M., I invited my friend to join me in Robinson’s Galleria to have my haircut and to use the Wi-Fi internet.

We met at Mc Donald’s then went straight to Bench Fix Salon. I reserved for the 4:30 P.M. since my stylist is fully booked. After that we went to look for a spot in top floor of Robinson’s Galleria. We end hanging out at Burger King. It was my friend’s treat. Nice, nice, nice! While he was ordering, I tried connecting to the Burger King Wi-Fi connection. Even we asked for the assistance of a Burger King crew, the password that they gave is still not working. I end using the Robinson’s mall free Wi-Fi connection. The signal though is weak compared to the spot in Yoshinoya.

By 4:30 P.M., we went back to Bench Fix Salon. I was 10 minutes late from my schedule. I just left my laptop with my friend and I let him use it while he was waiting for me. I waited for about 30 minutes after my hair was shampooed. I would never come back to this branch. I still prefer the Star Mall branch where there is no waiting time.

I pity my friend for waiting me that long. He was supposed to meet his friend in Makati by 5 P.M. but wasn’t able to leave coz he has my laptop. After my haircut, we went to check for slippers. We first checked Bench then Human. We went back to Bench coz he liked the slippers there. After buying his slippers, I walked him to the Gold’s Gym exit coz he has work by 8 P.M.

Human flip flopsI went back to Human to buy the slippers that I liked, which only costs 140 pesos. Right after that, I went to Watson’s to buy some dental care items. I bought a small tube of Sensodyne, Colgate, a large mouthwash bottle, cotton and a facial cleanser. I really had a hard time in choosing the best mouthwash. I end buying a 500 ml bottle of an unfamiliar brand.

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