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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My New Bag and Iron

new cute bagI haven’t mentioned on my first batch of shopping that I also bought a backpack in SM Department Store. I’ve been hearing from friends that I shouldn’t use my laptop bag since it would attract snatchers and robbers. Not only I was scared but also my laptop bag was also heavy to carry.

Would you believe that I only bought it for 299.75 pesos? It doesn’t have a signature on it but it looks nice isn’t it? I just hope it would last unlike the original Fila bag that I bought years ago.

new Standard flat ironYesterday, I finally bought a new flat iron in Automatic Center in Robinson’s Galleria. After asking many questions to the salesperson, I end buying the Standard flat iron. According to the salesperson, it is the best brand. It was also my preferred brand since we have some Standard appliances in Paranaque.

Speaking of flat iron, I just finished ironing my clothes while watching The Amazing Race 12 and Ugly Betty. Go, go, go Betty!

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Tony and Annie said...

Hi blog hopping here! have a great day... nice bag

Earvin said...

Makabili nga rin ng bagong bag para sa laptop ko. Bwehehehe. Ganda ng bag mo Kuya.

mommycool said...

we've got the same iron makoy...hehehe....i like your bag, it's cool!!!

mommycool said...

I mizzzzzzz u na!!! Always stay happy!!! Loves you mwaaahhh!!!!

Sherry said...

thanks for sharing the tip of not having the bag

Sherry said...

I think of buying laptop if I do not use the laptop bag, I worry it laptop will get damage. I am kind of careless.