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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas Party

I was supposed to write about our company’s Christmas party but my first draft was accidentally erased when I was deleting files in my Sony Ericsson W800i cell phone. Anyway, I would just try recall what happened in our Christmas party.

Country Spice Tektite foodLast December 22, our Christmas party was held in Country Spice, which is on the 4th floor of our building. If I can recall, the party started past 6 P.M. After the emcees welcomed us to the party, we went to the buffet table then started feasting with the food. The food was great but there were no deserts.

Makoy and Nhell Country SpiceRight after dinner, the first dance group performed. Speaking of dance group, I was relieved that I wasn’t forced to dance even of my officemates continuous urging. This year’s theme by the way was the present music scene.

Most of them performed the usual “jologs” dance songs, which are enjoyable to watch anyway. I had fun watching them even I was capturing their performances in my cell phone camera.

I really enjoyed that party even I didn’t won in the raffle. I was eyeing for the rice cooker…As usual, I have no luck with raffles.

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Denis said...

i love christmas. parang bumabait lahat

Sherry said...

great party, great food!