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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kare-Kare and Goto

After three months of the usual food in the nearby carinderia, I tried having their “kare-kare” (beef with peanut butter sauce) last Thursday night. Kare-Kare is more expensive than the regular viands. I just don’t understand why it costs a lot when there’s no beef meat in it and it only has beef or pork intestines in it.

I just wonder why my newly treated teeth (I had it filled a couple of days ago) didn’t ache that night. Is it because of the kare-kare? Hehe…

Before midnight, I bought goto (congee) and had it as my midnight snack. Lately, I have been starving before midnight. Maybe it is because of my toothache. This toothache really bothers me and I am having a hard time eating.

Anyway, I just returned from my dental appointment this morning. She reduced portions of my tooth filling which--according to her--is the cause of the pain. She asked me to just monitor it and for the mean time I have to chew on the left part of my mouth.

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