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Thursday, December 20, 2007

In Need Of A Havaianas Flip-Flops

Yesterday after work, I went to SM MegaMall to look for Havaianas flip-flops. Unfortunately, after strolling the entire mall, I cannot locate the Chocolate outlet. But just in time when I already gave up looking for it, I finally found it beside Human. Unfortunately, only children sizes are available. I then went straight to The Podium coz I heard from friends that there’s a Chocolate Clothing Co. branch there.

havaianas flip flopsInside The Podium, I was amazed with the performance of the Ateneo de Manila violin orchestra. I actually can’t remember their group name but they are from Ateneo de Manila High School. They played OPM music, which sounded really nice. After their performance, I went straight to Chocolate. Unfortunately, there are no Havaianas in that branch.

Robinson’s Galleria was my last stop. I went straight to the Food court to just sit. I was really tired. My feet ached as well as my fragile back. When my friend arrived, we had dinner at Inihaw Express. While he was ordering, Katrina Halili, Cristine Reyes, and their assistants and bodyguards passed by me. They just finished doing some autograph signing for their 2008 FHM calendar. I was surprised to see how beautiful Cristine Reyes looks. I really thought she was fat when in person she’s really sexy and beautiful. Katrina Halili looks scary though.

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dazedblu* said...

I think Banana-peel is okay too :)

joice said...

ipanema's nice. but i think most designs are for girls. :D

anyway, im editing my links. kindly leave your full name on my tagboard. thanks!

Denis said...

ipanema feels like uber soft butter on the foot hehe

Sherry said...

wow nice designs.

Sherry said...

my friend email me about flip flops some manufacturer not responsible and the ingredient of it is bad for foot!