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Monday, December 10, 2007

I Need A Flat Iron

I woke up today before 9 A.M. I got my dried clothes on our backyard then went to fold them. I planned to iron my clothes right after I’m done with my breakfast and with the folding of the clothes. I had slice bread with cheese spread and a glass of milk.

Right after my housemate left for work, I went downstairs to get the flat iron. I was surprised to see that my housemate ruined it. It has a large burnt plastic stain all over it. If I would use it, my clothes would have a plastic stain on it. I just plan to buy a new flat iron for myself tomorrow and would do my ironing tomorrow or Tuesday night.

Instead of ironing my clothes, I just watched TV and did some writing for my blog. I tried defragging my laptop and also tried burning “The Firm” video in a DVD disk. After I went to have my lunch, the defragging and burning did not finish. I even got to sleep while waiting for them to finish.

I got up around 2 P.M. to 2:30 P.M. The DVD I’m burning didn’t turned out okay even I tried it twice. Instead of continuing with the defragging, I stopped it and just watched “The Firm” on my laptop. I just inserted my Walkman headset since my laptop doesn’t have loud speakers.

“The Firm” is one of my favorite John Grisham books. I am just disappointed that I did not get the same intensity and excitement that I got from reading the book.

Argh… It’s Monday again tomorrow. I need to go to work again. Sigh!

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Denis said...

ironing is a task that i love doing. my mom told me i do good at it

Sherry said...

now in the market they are many types of iron. There have even heavy and light iron.