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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Heroes on RPN 9

If you are watching Heroes on RPN 9, you might have noticed how insensitive and how unmanaged the airing of Season 2 is. They show fresh episodes every other week. And in every gap week, they would show a replay from a previous episode. Isn’t that annoying?

If there’s no other TV channel that airs Heroes, you don’t have a choice but to wait every other week. I heard from an officemate that Heroes is actually being aired on Crime and Suspense Channel. I’m just not sure what time and day it is being aired.

I just hope Studio 23 or ETC would be able to air it on its third season.

Entertainment Channel (ETC) by the way would be airing on free TV on January 1, 2008 on SBN 21.

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B said...

if you go to nbc.com, you can see fresh episodes after they air every monday.

Kevin said...

Oo nga eh.

About the Crime and Suspense Channel (9pm, Mondays), if I'm not mistaken, pareho sila ng RPN ng mga episode airings. (Like, kung replay sa isa, replay din sa kabila.)

Sana talaga they would do something about it. Hirap manood lately eh.

dazedblu* said...

It was actually intended na idelay yug airing ng Heroes because of the viewers demand.. nahihirapan ata sila with the terrestrials airing.

With the C/S programming here’s a timeslot for Heroes..

Mon. 9 PM
Tues. 2 AM
12 NN

Sat 1 PM
7 PM

Thu. 11 PM

If there's a wrong info check the website na lng ng solar :)

hellokutto said...

ano po title ng song s heroes commercial(rpn9),,hndi ung s u2 h,,tnx

Denis said...

Im sad that heroes seems like losing their grip on their newest season