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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friday With A New Dentist

Yesterday was Andres Bonifacio Day, a legal holiday. Yahoo! I spent the whole day in my apartment and just rested. I woke up around 10 A.M. After munching the spicy noodles that I got from Thursday’s “monito-monita”, I went to do my laundry. I have a pile of clothes, bed sheet and pillow cases. I finished doing the laundry after 1 P.M.

After my laundry, I had my dinner at the carinderia and inquired to the dental clinic near my place. According to the lady dentist, she charges 250 pesos for dental cleaning and 300 pesos for tooth filling. I told her that I would return in a bit so I could get some money and brush my teeth.

After getting a thousand pesos and brushing my teeth, I went back to the dental clinic. She let me first signed a form then she went to check my teeth. According to the dentist, the cause of the sensitivity of my teeth is gingivitis. A portion of my upper right gums receded and the root of my tooth is already showing. According to her that portion is very sensitive to brushing and drinking hot and cold drinks.

She offered a gum treatment after the dental cleaning, which is a fluoride application that costs 250 pesos. It was a painful one hour dental cleaning. For the first time, I hated going to the dentist. My former dentists were much experienced and have a light hand. Every gap in my tooth has a blood clot in it and it was really painful. I’m glad I made it until the simplest fluoride application. She just placed a large amount of blue liquid in a silicon container and placed it in my upper and lower teeth.

I would return to my new dentist tomorrow to have my five dental filling. Each dental filling would cost 300 pesos. Good luck to me!

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