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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Food Destinations In The Metro

Even an underweight person like me, I admit I am a big eater. And when I say a big eater, I go for big food servings with an affordable price of course. With all the fast food chains and restaurants here in Manila, you would definitely have a lot of options in choosing what suits your taste buds.

My taste buds just have a common denominator. It only desires American food, Italian pasta and Filipino dishes. American food because of the strong influence of America in my life. Italian because Filipinos love spaghetti, I prefer sour spaghetti though compared to the usual sweet Filipino flavor.

Over the course of my existence, I have picked some of my favorite food destinations here in the Metro.

Chiggy’s at SM Mall Of Asia: When I first dined at Chiggy’s and tried their Grilled Squid, I immediately told myself that it is the best Grilled Squid ever. Even without the soy sauce and kalamansi, the squid tastes yummy and flavorful. And this costs only 99 pesos. The Grilled Squid combo comes with a cup of rice and a glass of iced tea.

Piadina at Food Choices, Glorietta 4: I have discovered Piadina way back College. At first I was really intimidated with it’s name and how Italian it is. My usual order was called the “Today’s Special” combo. It has a slice of pizza, a portion of pasta, fried mozzarella and a piadina. This is what I call big serving! I like the Piadina, fried mozzarella and the thin slice pizza. Now the “Today’s Special” combo comes only with a pasta and a piadina. It costs 120 pesos.

Pupung & Friends at SM Mall Of Asia: I only had tried dining at Pupung & Friends just once. I had their Lechon Kawali and my favorite “laing.” I just can’t recall how much it is but I know it is affordable. The Lechon Kawali was phenomenal! It’s crispy and tasty. You need to order an extra rice to complete the meal.

Sbarro at SM Mega Mall: The ultimate heaven for pizza and pasta. I usually order for the supreme pizza and a half-baked ziti. The baked ziti is very creamy especially when you order with the white sauce. You would definitely have a full stomach after munching with lots of carbohydrates.

Cowboy Grill at El Pueblo: My officemates and I usually go to Cowboy Grill on every special occasion. It may be a birthday celebration, despedida party or even to just eat out. Cowboy Grill is a platter of Filipino dishes. I usually crave for their shrimp sinigang, kare-kare, pinakbet and pork sisig. Yum yum!

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MONACO said...

very timely ang tag ko sa 'yo, makoy.it's "what's your comfort food?" hope you'll have time to do it.

mommycool said...

hehehe! sarap jan hah.....sarap din ang pay....tara na!

mommycool said...

hehehe! sarap jan hah.....sarap din ang pay....tara na!