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Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Batch of Christmas Shopping

Last Saturday, I did the first batch of my Christmas shopping. My friend and I first dropped by Robinson’s Galleria to have our lunch there then used the Wi-Fi Internet connection. It’s just annoying that the Wi-Fi connection in Mongolian Stop was terribly weak and most of the time I got disconnected.

After our lunch, we went to Smart Wireless Center where I inquired about the "Internet Anywhere" promo that I saw in their website. According to the salesperson, the 799 pesos per month for 60 hours were changed to 40 hours and would be out next week. If I would get an internet plan from them then, I have no option but to get the plan 999 where a fixed antenna would be installed in my apartment. Therefore, I need to talk to my housemate if he is interested so we could split the bill just like the cable TV payment arrangement we have right now.

Going back to what I was saying, after spending time in Robinson’s Galleria, we proceeded to St. Francis Square to check for gift ideas. We then had this Hong Kong Style Noodle for snacks and went straight to SM Department Store after. I was able to buy gifts for my dad, my sister, my boss, my officemates and a new bath towel for myself. Unfortunately, I just had a hard time choosing a blouse for my mom. I eventually decided that I would just buy my gift for her on the second batch of my Christmas shopping.

Hopefully, I would finish my Christmas list on the second batch.

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Obnoxious Queer said...

Good thing for you, had your first batch of Christmas shopping... I haven't tried one yet! Still counting on my budget...

Anonymous said...

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Denis said...

i like shopping for gifts kasi you can reflect on how the person your giving gift to has been dealing with you the entire year

Sherry said...

last minute shopping is very famous here.