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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Discounted Lee and Jag Apparel

Sunday, my friend and I went to the factory outlet of Lee and Jag in Bicutan. I was surprised to learn from my friend that this factory outlet sells Lee and Jag items half the price. For round neck shirts that usually priced 400 plus only sells for 220 pesos while shirts with collar sells for 250 pesos.

Even only two items are allowed inside the fitting room, I brought along with me five items. It’s just annoying that the two collared shirts that I like are too tight for me. I tried to look for a size medium but they don’t have it on the racks. I end buying two shirts for a total of 440 pesos.

If you are familiar with “ukay-ukay”, this is similar to it but the clothes they sell are original, brand new and new stocks. I actually saw one of the shirts that I bought on a Lee boutique in Ever Commonwealth.

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b'ley said...

where in bicutan is this? i'm actually from the south but I haven't seen or known of any jag/lee factory outlet until today. hehe.

Denis said...

hahah ukay ukay is the way to go during the recession

Sherry said...

wow sound like a good deal to me.

Sherry said...

when there is discount it is always best to grab it as later they will not be this cheap any more.