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Monday, November 12, 2007

Wi-Fi At Yoshinoya

Saturday lunch, I accompanied my friend at Robinson’s Galleria. I brought along my laptop so I could use it after lunch. We ate at Yoshinoya where we had Gyudon, siomai, red and green tea. After ordering, I immediately tested if I would be able to connect to the Robinson’s Wi-Fi connection. Good thing, even we were inside Yoshinoya I was able to grasp a connection.

I immediately updated my Norton Antivirus and downloaded Skype software. My friend would chat with his parents in the US as soon as I have the installer. While downloading, we started eating our Gyudon meal. Too bad, we weren’t able to connect to Skype. After our lunch, my friend went to Fix Bench Salon to have his haircut. I told him the name of my former stylist, Halle.

I just stayed inside Yoshinoya where I used the internet for one and a half hours. I posted entries for my two blogs, chatted with my friends and surfed the internet. When I received a low battery notification, I shut down my laptop and prepared to fetch my friend at Fix Bench Salon.

After his haircut, we went straight to Clinica Manila at SM MegaMall Building A where he would have his dental cleaning. When we arrived the clinic, we were informed that his medical card wasn’t authorized for dental cleaning. We decided to check out the STI Delos Santos Clinic at the 5th Floor of SM MegaMall Building A. Too bad, we heard the same remark from Clinica Manila. After our short stint in SM MegaMall, we checked out the Healthway branch at Shangri-La Mall. We got the same remark though.

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