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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Visit Home

I woke up yesterday around 9 A.M. I bought an egg sandwich outside then prepared milk for my breakfast. Went to bath afterwards then packed some clothes in my bag. I took the Crossing jeepney then went to check some clothes in Bench and Human in Edsa Central. It was my sister’s birthday today and my other sister is flying to London at this moment.

I bought them clothes as gifts. I first tried looking at Bench. Too bad, nothing suited my taste for my sisters. As I went outside the Bench store, I saw this food stand that sells 3 for 100 goodies. I bought two sets of goodies for my family in Paranaque.

At the Human store, I checked clothes and slippers for women. I bought the celebrant a striped polo shirt. I bought a sweater like shirt with hood and a size 8 slippers for my sister leaving for UK. I took the MRT to Taft then a bus to Tambo then a FX taxi to our place. I arrived home around 12:30 P.M. My mom and dad were having their lunch when I arrived.

I went to my sister’s room afterwards then surprised them with my gifts. I was happy that they liked my gifts. My sister leaving for UK would wear it on her flight while the birthday girl remarked that she already have many stripped shirts. Hehe.... Anyway, she liked it as well.

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1 comment:

daniel-Jr said...

ang saya pag umuuwi sa family diba? pero ako everyday umuuwi kaya mas ma aapreciate ko cguro un pag uwi when I get independent na./.