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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Visit Home Part II

By 1 P.M., I had my lunch. Around 2 P.M., I accompanied my sister and mom to a nearby garment factory. We weighed my sister’s luggage to make sure that she wouldn’t pay anything for excess luggage weight. We managed to trim the weight to the allowed kilos.

This morning, my mom prepared the breakfast. The usual in our household, we ate rice for breakfast. My two sisters are still sleeping so I just waited for them to wake up. I just helped my mom in the dishes and I helped her cook the rice. It was a coincidence that she bought a clay pot in the market coz when I was about to plug the rice cooker, it made a spark.

Before lunch, I prepared my sister 4 pieces of egg sandwich for her snack while waiting for her flight. After I had my lunch, I went to bath then just waited for my sisters and parents to prepare themselves. We contracted our family friend to drive us to the airport by 2 P.M. My sister’s flight is scheduled past 6 P.M. and according to some friends, my sister should be in the airport two hours before the flight. We arrived Ninoy Aquino International Airport quarter to three.

We met my sister’s friend at the entrance then after her quick goodbyes, they went inside the airport. My sister was very brave. She wasn’t that emotional which I appreciate coz I would make a scene if she cried. Sigh... I feel so sad and empty right now. It feels like a part of me was gone.

Around 6:30 P.M. at my apartment, I received a SMS message from her. She said that she is already inside the airplane. She was seated on the mirror side and she was very exicted. She even sent her dinner menu (smoked chicken, seasonal salad, Bistek Pilipino, stir fried perch, white choco mousse, tea and chocolates). Yum yum! Bon Voyage my sister! Take care and I love you!

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