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Monday, November 19, 2007

Uber Busy Week

Five straight days last week, I was troubled in finishing my two programs due last Friday. My boss only informed me last Monday that the two programs needs to be installed this week. I was cramming in doing the programs and doing technical support at the same time.

I was really annoyed that calls keep on coming that week. I did appreciate the effort of my boss that she asked the bosses that I wouldn’t be able to do their weekly management reports due to my deadline. Sad though, I wasn’t able to finish the two programs last Friday even I stayed until 6 P.M. everyday.

Today, I had a hard time commuting. I stayed in my usual spot for about 30-45 minutes. There was even a fistfight in the gym just beside the street of Lifehomes. It’s just funny to see hard built guys fighting. They looked silly! I just pity the other guy being beaten by two guys. According to the tricycle drivers, the guy being beaten is one of the staff in the gym while the two guys are the owners. Oh, that’s why the other hard built guys aren’t helping the poor guy.

I arrived the office 31 minutes late. Harrrr. I wasn’t feeling well, sleepy and at the same time in a zombie zone. Even I drank a mug of hot coffee, it didn’t wake my senses.

Anyway, it just confused me that after a week of pressuring me to finish the two programs, suddenly my boss aren’t asking for the status of my two programs. Even telling me to prioritize the reports of the bosses. I’m glad I finished the first program today. Would just finish the second program within this week.

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