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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

SMART Communications Lagged Service

Yesterday night, I borrowed my housemate’s Smart SIM card to try out the internet through the use of mobile GPRS. I first called the Customer Service of Smart to activate the GRPS of my W800i phone. Would you believe that before they answered my call, I was on queue for more than 10 minutes? Thank God, my cell phone has a loud speakers feature.

When a certain Customer Service Representative finally answered my call, she seemed not to know what to do. It took her a lot of time to do her task when she would just send me the GPRS settings. According to her, I would receive the GPRS setting within 24 hours. It was almost 11 P.M. and I was sleepy and there were no GPRS settings. I took out the Smart SIM from my cell phone and reloaded my Globe SIM card.

I went to bed after that.

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