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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Second Wi-Fi Experience

After work yesterday, I went to Robinson’s Galleria to try again using their Wi-Fi Service. I immediately went to the Food court, took my seat then observed the people around. I was shy to get my laptop from my bag and place it in the table. I left the food court then went straight to the Cyber Zone of Robinson’s Galleria.

I would definitely not go to a coffee shop. Not only it is intimidating, I have this notion that coffee shops are just for rich people and I am not one of them. I looked for a place where I could actually use my laptop. I saw two people using their laptops at Dimsum N’ Dumpling and there was this guy using his laptop outside Yoshinoya.

I’ve decided to just buy an order of siomai and soda and satisfy myself from using the Wi-Fi as long as I want. At that spot, I actually connected to the Robinsonsmall connection. It was fast compared to my last try. It just bothered me that my laptop hanged and I thought that someone hacked my laptop. I immediately restarted my laptop and panickly clicked the Off button when it seemed to locked to the Logging Off message.

I was relieved that it went smooth after the restart. I managed to download Norton Antivirus updates, and messaged my new blog visitors.

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