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Sunday, November 18, 2007

One More Chance Movie Review

Friday after work I went straight to Robinson’s Place Manila to meet my friends and to watch with them the movie, “One More Chance.” I actually don’t know what made me watch this movie. I honestly don’t watch a lot of Filipino movies. I just don’t want to get disappointed and waste my money.

Anyway, I arrived there around 7 P.M. The midtown wing of the Robinson’s Place Manila was already finished. I learned from my friend that the Midtown wing was actually the former Manila Midtown Hotel. Friday’s restaurant has a much bigger space compared to their compact space before. The midtown wing smell paint though and there was a few opened shops.

When I got there, I sent a SMS message to my friend and I waited for him to arrive at the Midtown wing entrance. We went to withdraw money at BPI then went to meet our other friends at Robinson’s department store. We went Sushi-Ya, a Japanese restaurant where we waited for our other friend. We had Ika Teppanyaki, Pork Teriyaki, two cups of rice and two glasses of iced tea. Would you believe that a cup of steam rice in Sushi-Ya costs 30 pesos. Woah!

The food tastes okay but not that great—bland for me actually. And the price is too high for their small servings and bland taste. Anyway, when we asked for the service tea, we were surprised that they serve cold tea in a large glass. I was expecting for a service tea like Mann Hann’s.

We were almost done when our other friend arrived. She came from a 12-hour shift in a hospital. She works as a nurse by the way. We just waited for her to finish her dinner then we went straight to the Old Spaghetti House to say hi to our other friends who were having a party there.

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Anonymous said...

ummmm... where's the review of the movie? hehe. how did you find it?