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Sunday, November 18, 2007

One More Chance Movie Review Part II

star cinema's one more chance bea alonzo john lloyd cruzWe went to the new cinema at the Midtown wing then bought three tickets for 122 pesos each. The cinema was jam-packed with moviegoers. We seated at the first row seats of the cinema since we have no choice. Our heads were just tilted while watching the movie.

Honestly, I find the movie trailer of “One More Chance” intriguing. I did not expect that I would like this movie. The movie was actually impressive. I was surprised with the new Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. They were actually more mature with their roles with matching sexy scenes.

I was really impressed with the story line, a new one for a Filipino movie. The dialogues were heart felt. You would certainly feel the emotions of the lead characters. It’s just funny that while watching the movie our girl nurse friend was crying on every drama scenes of Bea and John Lloyd. I was making fun of her after the movie even asking her if she left a bit for herself.

Anyway, I find the ending of the movie a bit off. After the increasing emotions of the story, it would just end as simple as that. I was expecting a much dramatic ending. You should watch it to know the ending. The movie was worth to watch even I arrived late home last night feeling groggy and tired.

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dean said...

nakarelate ka ba sa story?

mommycool said...

i al sorry....d ako mahilig makood ng tagalog movies....fan ako ni nicolas cage, j. travolta (face-off), m. douglas, denzel w......and many more! corny eh!!! gusto ko ala Bourne Supremacy, bourne Identity, The firm nd da likes!!!!

redhead said...

I'd try to watch that movie this week... do you watch indie films as well? :)

shaula0pink said...

i also is not fond of watching tagalog movies. I find it waste of money, and the thought of ipapalabas naman siya sa TV or wherever. But as of what I heard, maganda nga daw. I heven't heard a negative feedback from my friends. Beowulf naman, corny daw. hehe

Julius said...

where do u buy the movie ticket... if u live around Southern California.. LA area???

Julius said...

if anyone knws about it... hit me up on my myspace JULBALLER@HOTMAIL.COM look for me thanks