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Monday, November 5, 2007

One Last Fish

Yesterday morning as I was about to feed my pet fish, I was shocked that my fish Karen was missing. I looked everywhere inside the fish bowl and even in my room. I looked silly for doing that. I really can’t find her. Saturday night, I was happy to see them (Jack and Karen) swim gladly. All I can think was she jumped from the fish bowl then was eaten by a house rat.

I’ve been seeing this tiny mouse in my room and all I can think was it was the fault of the rat. I even saw rat droppings near the fish bowl. Grrr... It really made me feel upset and sad. After my two fish died now one went missing or has been eaten by a rat.

Last night, I placed a plastic bag on the mouth of the fish bowl to make sure that my fish won’t jump or if it’s the rat’s fault, she might not get inside the bowl. Is this the result of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons? That I actually believe that the rat tricked my fish then ate it. Har har har....

From my latest observation, my remaining fish (Jack) looks sad. He keeps on staying on the bottom of the fish bowl and literally not moving. I sometimes knock the glass to make sure that he’s still alive. I just hope he would be well. I plan to buy three new fish as a replacement for my departed fish (Will, Grace and Karen). I would name them Phoebe, Rachel and Joey.

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