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Thursday, November 8, 2007

No More Fish

When I got home tonight, the usual I checked my fish and would feed him. I was sad that I found my last fish dead. I was horrified that I already killed four fish. I went to bath then after that I went to clean my fish bowl in the dirty kitchen. After fetching Jack, I removed all plastic plants and rocks. I just left the sand inside the fishbowl then continuously rinsed it with water.

At that time, I was decided to buy two pairs of fish this weekend to replace Will, Grace, Karen and Jack. I don’t know what happened that while I was rinsing the sand with water I slipped the fish bowl to my hands. I was shocked that it broke and I have a pinkish fluid on my left palm. I immediately looked for a cut and saw that I have this tiny cut on my left pinkie finger.

After cleaning the broken fish bowl, I scooped out the sand on the sink and placed it on a small plastic basin. Rinsed it afterwards then placed the plastic plants and rocks on top of it.

I’m a failure with this fish thing. I’m now uncertain if I would still buy a fish or just think of a new pet to buy.

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Drake said...

Kakalungkot naman...

zerovoltage said...

baka beginners mistake lang, some fishes are more sensitive than others.

what kind did you try to keep?

blackdarkheart said...

wawa naman cla!


fish killer ka pala! wahehe