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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Makoy’s Blog

Last October 26, 2007, I launched my new blog site named, “Makoy’s Literary Writings.” This blog consists of my own poems and some of my literary writings. I am also accepting poems and other literary writings from YOU! If you have your own literary writings, just email it to me @ mftayag@gmail.com and I would be glad to read it and post it in my literary blog.

Makoy's Literary WritingsHmmmm.... You would definitely discover a part of me that you don’t know. You would somehow be shocked of my feelings and emotions from the time I wrote those poems. By the way, I wrote those poems way back College years. I am way different now, much stronger, wiser and hotter! Hehe... I seem to have 50 poems. Two of which have been posted in poetry.com and has been compiled in their poetry book.

Since I have launched this literary site, I would try to write poems again. It’s just funny reading my poems. I have to edit it out coz some of it have grammatical and punctuation errors.

Enjoy reading my poems! I hope you would like them. Feel free to post your comments and I would be glad to answer your questions pertaining to the poems I’ve written.

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