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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Latest Songs

Every time I watch Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters, Studio 23 always play the music video from the series’ soundtracks. I really like “Pictures of You” from Brothers & Sisters as well as “Hey Betty You Are Beautiful” from the Ugly Betty.

Both song are really contagious and are very suited for the series. Would you believe I’ve been singing, “Hey Betty You Are Beautiful” the whole day? Hahahaha! I just hope I could get copies of these songs and play it many times in my laptop and my Walkman cell phone.

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blackdarkheart said...

oist, sali ka sa networking na "tag" hehe. punta ka post ko tapost check mo yung latest post. answer mo naman ah

dazedblu* said...

I even like those songs playing before and after the shows air time.

Pictures of You was sung by The Last Good Night while Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) was a song from Mika, and had been rerecorded as the promo theme for the second season of Ugly Betty...

As it was altered into "Hey Betty, You Are Beautiful".