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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Landlords Are Home

The owners of the house arrived Monday dawn. I still can remember how noisy they were when they arrived. I just learned that night that they are the children of my landlord. I was actually only expecting the Ship captain to arrive Monday but was surprised by their huge family—literally and figuratively.

What annoyed me the most is that they used my toiletries. My toothpaste was half used and my shampoo as well. I just don’t know if they used my bath soap. Eeeew!

Monday to Tuesday seem okay to me. After they had their dinner the ship captain’s family would just lock themselves in the room opposite mine. By Wednesday, it rocked my world upside down. I saw the Ship Captain finally in the house intoxicated and sleeping on the bed beside the dining area. At the dirty kitchen, I saw his relatives drinking. They even offered me a drink. I just excused myself and got my plate and bowl. I immediately finished my dinner Wednesday night coz I was unease with their presence.

Thursday was the worst. The whole house smells like liquor with the exception of my room of course. Even the comfort room smells like a gin bottle. Not only they were drinking but they also played this loud Frank Sinatra song. I was watching Princess Sarah that time and I really can’t hear the dialogue of the characters.

rat trappedThat night I ate at the carinderia in the entrance of Lifehomes to escape their presence. When I got home, I immediately went to bath then locked myself in my room. What just made my night was when I finally caught the rat on flypaper. That rat killed my fish! I would finally be in peace that there is no rat in my room.

Yesterday when I got home past 1 A.M., I was surprised that the “huge family” already left. Thank God!

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Earvin said...

Hahahaha. Oo anga, nakakainis nga anga mga ganyan. Sa bahay nmain sa Iloilo pag may visitors kami, nagkukulong ako sa kwarto kasi uneasy talaga ako sa mga 'surprise vistors'. Hehehe. Congrats at wala na sila. Home sweet home aka uli. Hehehehe.

Joey said...

Visitors from hell... hehe