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Thursday, November 1, 2007

My First Ever Wi-Fi Experience

By 4 P.M., I was in Robinson’s Galleria to try out their free Wi-Fi service. I have asked a fellow blogger and he told me that all Robinson’s Malls are Wi-Fi enabled. I sent a SMS message to a friend who lives nearby my place and asked him if he could join me in my first ever Wi-Fi experience in Robinson’s. He was at work at that time and would be off by 3 P.M. He arrived in Robinson’s by 3:30 P.M. and he just waited for me to arrive.

We met at the food court and we have decided to have our snack at Chowking which is just beside McDonald’s. I tried using my laptop inside Chowking but it failed to grasp a Wi-Fi frequency. After having our Chao Fan snack, we went back to the food court to try if it is a Wi-Fi hotspot. On our first attempt to connect to airborne access, my connection says I am connected to the internet, but I wasn’t able to browse sites on my Internet Explorer browser.

We we’re able to connect to the Linksys connection. I immediately logged to my Gmail email account, published three drafts in my blog then downloaded Yahoo Messenger, Chikka Messenger, Gmail notifier and Mozilla Firefox. Since my friend went with me, I let him use the Internet. He logged to his personal and company email account and Friendster account.

It’s just annoying that I’ve got disconnected while downloading the Sony Ericsson PC Suite software. I plan to just connect to the internet through my mobile phone. According to my housemate, Smart has a much cheaper internet cost. 30 minutes only cost 10 pesos while Globe charges 15 centavos per KB. Anyway, when I checked the Wi-Fi connection lists, the Linksys connection is nowhere to be found. Grrr...

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1 comment:

Ria Jose said...

Nice to know there's already free WiFi in Metro Manila. :)