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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My 4-Yr Old Umbrella

Last week, our HR Department organized a meeting with regards to our Kris Kringle and the exchange gifts this Christmas. I was even given a part in the revelation, which I wouldn’t be able to discuss. The Kris Kringle would take place every Friday for three straight weeks. This week’s motif is “something hot.” The succeeding two weeks would be “something red and green” and “something that starts with the first letter of your name.”

The Kris Kringle gift should be a minimum of 50 pesos and should be given before the cut-off time of Friday. A penalty of 20 pesos would be given to your “monito/monita” when you have missed its submission on the given time.

Anyway, yesterday when I reached Robinson’s Galleria I thought of buying the Kris Kringle gifts so I wouldn’t worry anymore if I have bought the gifts already. It was raining hard that night so I also planned to buy a new umbrella. My 4-year old umbrella already wants to retire from the world. It already gave up from the last hard rain where its steel frame already protruded the other way. You can even get wet coz it sometimes drips with rainwater. And to top it all, it has rust all over its steel frame. Hahaha!

At Robinson’s Galleria, I first checked for the “something hot” item then I followed the other items. I asked a saleslady where I could get an umbrella. She referred me to the 3rd floor where the ladies items are sectioned. The usual I got the two-folds black umbrella. It only cost 180 pesos yet it looked like it would last for four years.

What is my next targeted item to buy? A rice cooker, flat iron and a new pet!

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1 comment:

Rice Gurl said...

ako rin, i think i need to buy new rice cooker and washing machine soon.gastos na naman. huhuhu!
what pet do you want to have?
i envy you, bawal ang pet dito sa apartment e, so i got myself a cactus instead. isn't that sad?...