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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yesterday while having our lunch, I received an irritating comment from an officemate. According to him, a common friend of ours read a post in my blog about the restaurants I’ve been to. His line was something like this, “You always go to expensive restaurants yet you can’t afford to treat us out.”

It’s just annoying that he said it in a tone where you would feel like you’re a bad person. As if I don’t have the right to dine in restaurants. I’m just annoyed with these haters that they desired to bring you down because they want something from you that they don’t have.

Why don’t you work hard and save some money so you could afford to dine in restaurants? Just my thoughts.

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fruityoaty said...

It's rather rude of that person to make a comment like that. I mean, for one thing, he shouldn't presume that he's entitled to getting free meals from a friend... just because that friend dines out. I dunno, just rude.

Massa P @ fruityoaty.com

Earvin said...

ganyan talaga minsan sa blogging, mahirap maintindihan ng taong kilala mo sa personal. Hehehe. Ewan ko. (beginner pa lang ako eh)

hayaan mo na ang officemate mo na yun Kuya. Wala din naman siya sigurong masamang pinahihiwatig.

chase said...

heheheh... inggit lang sila.. hehehe

Beth said...

I agree, Makoy. I think some people like to leave hateful comments.

Iron Pugilist said...

Ha ha ha... typical Filipino mentality: Just because you can afford a luxury, they think you have to do charity. I'm sure your co-worker was just kidding though.