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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fish Goodies Shopping

After using Wi-Fi at the food court, we went to the Supermarket. I bought powdered milk, tissue, corned beef, luncheon meat and bath soap. My friend also bought canned goods for his packed lunch in the office.

After our quick grocery shopping, we went to the top floor of Robinson’s Galleria where a pet shop is located. After reading my fish research last night, I have decided to buy a water conditioner and fresh plants to make my two fish happy and healthy. When I entered Hobbyist Pet Shop, I noticed that it actually smelled good compared to Bio Research. I even commented to the saleslady in the Pet Shop on my observation.

I first looked for a water conditioner, which by the way cost 26 pesos. I went to ask for a live plant and bought one for 20 pesos. While I was looking around the store, I saw a filter for an aquarium. I asked the saleslady how to use it and she told me that I would need a pump for it function. Since I only have a fish bowl, a filter is not recommended according to her coz it would just add up to the clutter of the fish bowl. Instead, she advised me to just buy a pump, hose and an air stone. That for sure would give my fish enough oxygen for them to live. The electric pump costs 170 pesos while the one meter hose costs 10 pesos and the air stone costs 6 pesos.

When I got home, I immediately transferred my shelf near the electric socket so I won’t need a cord extension. I put together the pump, hose and air stone and immediately placed it inside the fish bowl. I got excited seeing my fish swim much better and I felt their happiness. I also placed three drops of water conditioner in the fish bowl after I feed them with fish flakes.

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