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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Enchanted Movie Review

Enchanted movie posterLunchtime, we visited Shangri-La Mall to have our lunch and to watch the movie, “Enchanted.” I availed the BPI-Tokyo Tokyo promo where you could get a free Beef Misono meal when you purchase a minimum of 500 pesos in your BPI credit card. You just need to buy a 16 oz. Red tea to avail this promo.

After our lunch, we went straight to the cinema kiosk to check the schedule of Enchanted. There was a 3:20 P.M. schedule in the Premiere cinema and a 3:50 P.M. schedule on Cinema 1. Naturally we took the Cinema 1 schedule coz it is 20 pesos cheaper than the Premiere cinema (170 pesos).

To cut our time in waiting, we went to Rustan’s supermarket where I bought noodles, crackers, Downy fabric conditioner, lotion, sandwich plastic bag, Scotch Brite, dishwashing liquid refill, salted egg, bottle spray and Milo. We arrived at the cinema with the movie already starting. The cinema was fully booked with mostly children and young adults.

The movie was extremely enjoyable to watch. It was funny and full of positive approach in life. It’s fun to see a different role for Grey’s Anatomy’s Mc Dreamy, Patrick Dempsey. I was impressed with the performance of the lead actress, Amy Adams. Can she really sing that well in real life? Anyway, she’s beautiful and beaming with happiness and optimism.

What I like about the movie is the song and dance performances. Would you believe that after watching the movie, I feel like singing and dancing on my way out of the cinema? Hahaha! I need to get that song especially the one Carrie Underwood sang which was played after the movie. Anyone knows the title of that song?

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MONACO said...

thanks for the review. really seems like a good movie since this is the second good blog review I've read about it, plus the fact that it's currently topping the box office in the US.

Zang said...

ever, ever after po ang title ng song by Carrie Underwood