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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Desperate Housewives Episode 3 or 2?

Just finished watching a fresh US episode of Desperate Housewives on Studio 23. At the ending of the supposed episode 3 of Season 4, I noticed that it was actually episode 2 and not episode 3. That’s why on last week’s episode, I noticed on their last episode’s recap that I missed some portions of it. And those portions were actually shown on tonight’s episode.

Studio 23 should be careful in the sequence of what they are airing. What’s so difficult in the sequence 1-2-3? Anyway on tonight’s episode, I was touched with Gabby’s story about her dad’s ill disease. According to her, she watched her dad die on the bed with cancer. She was five years old then.

I would prepare now to go to bed. I would stay with my parent’s house tomorrow until Saturday. My youngest sister would celebrate her birthday on Saturday and my other sister would fly to UK this Saturday late afternoon. She would study there and would do part-time jobs. I’m excited for my sister. How I wish I would have the same opportunity as her. Bon Voyage!

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Sherry said...

here many people are crazy to see the desperate housewives episode.

Sherry said...

I am not sure either 3 or 2.