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Monday, November 12, 2007

Creepy Friday

The Grudge 2 ToshioLast Friday after work, while browsing for channels, I saw a horror movie from Star Movies. After seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar in the scene, I immediately knew it that it’s Grudge 2. I was able to watch the Asian version of Grudge 1 and the Part 1 of the US version with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I was honestly terrified by this movie especially I am just alone in my room. After the movie, I tuned in to ABS-CBN where a creepy episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya was airing. When I was about to sleep, I hurriedly prepared myself coz I was afraid that Toshio from Grudge would appear in my room or in my bathroom.

Oh, I love these horror movies even it scared the hell out of me. Anyway, what’s your favorite horror movie?

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Josh of Arabia said...

hi. cool post and site as a whole..if i may xlink my site wd u.. i used to worked for years in Ortigas.

more powerblogging!

marco said...

buti na lng ndi tumbi sau ung grudge... wakukluku