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Monday, November 19, 2007

Calamares Street Food

I wrote an article about this calamares sold in the streets of Manila. According to my previous article, I told the alleged formalin content of these calamares.

Last Saturday on GMA 7’s episode of Imbestigador, they probed the famous calamares sold in streets. According to their investigation, these vendors buy their squid at a frozen storage in Navatos. The frozen squid was imported from China, Korea and a country I already forgot. Compared to fresh squid that costs 200 plus in supermarkets, these frozen goodies costs only 60 pesos a kilo. That’s why it cost cheap! A very large margin isn’t it?

The Imbestigador team tested the frozen squid as well as the cooked calamares in one of the street vendors. Both tested negative for formalin. You can now breathe after munching those calamares. Oh wait, I forgot that these calamares are positive of yeast and molds. I just didn’t get what ailments you would get if you munch on food with yeast and molds.

Thank God, I’m not a fan of calamares.

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monaco said...

I saw that Imbestigador episode too and immediately warned my brother about the hazards of calamares.

curbside_puppet said...

that could be a reason why i always feel sick whenever i get to see and smell and taste the food! the squid looks quite rubberish too!