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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Annoying TV Commercial

Oh come on, admit it! You’re a TV addict just like me. And when you say TV addict, you know all the freshest US series, reality shows, game shows and even TV commercials. Isn’t it annoying to see some TV commercials that are stupidly done? Every time you see them you want to switch on a different channel.

Let me give you a taste of some of the annoying Philippine TV commercials. The top of the bunch is the “Arthro” herbal supplement TV commercial. There’s this old guy that cries in pain before taking the herbal supplement. He looks awful crying (howling) like a girl by the way. Low and behold after taking the herbal supplement, he returned to his daily life and even doing hard labour with the machinery. A former Arthro commercial was more comical. Since I have already ranked it first, I won’t dare elaborate on the first Arthro commercial.

Second is the EQ diaper TV commercial. I’m pretty sure the scene is in a hallway of a certain hospital. The baby cries loudly and then this woman suddenly stood up and angrily remarked to the baby something like, “Wala kang E.Q.! Kaya mag EQ diaper ka na. (You don’t have E.Q! So use EQ diaper.)” Then suddenly changed her disposition from being angry to being joyful. I just find the woman’s acting over the top and it’s very much irritating.

Third is the Eaji dip snack commercial. I just find this commercial non-sense! The girl in the commercial can’t get the guy she wants because his crush likes girl with flawless skin. Her friend shared her Eaji snack then suddenly the boy caught her attention with the help of Eaji of course. I even heard the quote, “Beauty is skin deep” before the ending of the commercial. I think the commercial’s concept was behind that quote (deep = dip). Non-sense!

And lastly is the Centrum commercial by Angel Locsin. Her line was something like this, “Gusto ko magkababy…twins! (I want to be a mother of twins)” Then the voice over of the Centrum multivitamins. Then Angel returns saying, “Kaya I take Centrum. (That’s why I take Centrum)” Hmmmm…. So to have a twin you should take Centrum? Am I right Angel?

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Earvin said...

You're right. That Arthro TV ad surely sucks with that old guy around. As if who would want to believe that? The EQ commercials...well...don't seem to have enough..uhm...logic.

blackdarkheart said...

maghunos dili ka!!


kakairita talaga yun n?

Anonymous said...

that's why i watch cable tv....para konti/walang commercials....hehehe

JP aka Elmo said...

nakakatawa ung tv ad ng arthro. hahahaha. nilalakasan ko pa volume ng tv nmin pag nag-ere ung ad just for fun. wahahaha.

i like the girl who introduced EAJI, ung kahawig ni anne hathaway(?). Nsa coke commercial din sha eh. weee!

dazedblu* said...

I totally agree... there actually tons of them running your small screen, I really dunno but it doesn't makes sense.

celpaby said...

Sayang.... di ako malarelate about sa commercial ni angel. tsk3.... miss ko na mga commercials sa pinas! :) Btw, Thanks for adding me to your contacts. :) http://reddotpinoys.blogspot.com

Robert said...

Some of the TV commercial is very deceiving sa mga consumers... more on exaggeration... it has no content or value sa product na endorse nila. At natatawa na lang ako sa iba pero sana yung nandun pa rin yung quality para di naman maglugi mga consumer.