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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amazing Race U-Turn

Azaria & Hendekea in Burkina Faso Amazing Race 12Last night was an uber exciting back-to-back episodes of The Amazing Race 12 and Ugly Betty. The teams of Amazing Race were on Burkina Faso in Africa.

Anyway, last night’s episode was the easiest when it comes to the Road Block and Detour tasks. I appreciate the team of the dating Goths (Kynt & Vyxsin). Kynt & Vyxsin got emotional when finally realizing how poor people are in Burkina Faso yet they seem happy and contented.

Amazing Race 12 has a new rule called the “U-Turn”, which would be always found after a detour. A team may use this U-Turn to slow down the other teams. A team that has been marked for U-Turn should do the other Detour task that they haven’t chosen. The blondes (Shana & Jennifer) used it to the dating couple (Lorena & Jason) leaving them on the last spot. So far, I like the brother & sister team (Azaria & Hendekea). I hope they would win this race.

Ugly Betty’s episode was funny. I enjoyed watching Betty troubled with her writing class, Wilhelmina’s past self, Justin’s rebellious acts and especially the sibling loving of Alexis and Daniel Meade.

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