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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Amazing Race 12 Season Premiere

The Amazing Race 12I got up Saturday morning around 8 A.M. I hurriedly washed my face, brushed my teeth then went straight outside to do my laundry. I already pre-soaked my clothes last night so washing my clothes wouldn’t be that hard. The detergent already did it magic to my clothes.

I hurriedly did my laundry because I was worried that I would miss the season 12 premiere of The Amazing Race in AXN. It actually premiered last Monday but unfortunately my Monday night is locked with Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters. I checked the AXN website and saw that they have a 10 A.M. schedule every Saturday.

Before rinsing the last set of my washed clothes, I checked the wall clock in our living room and saw that I only have five minutes left. Unfortunately, when I got in my room it already started 15 minutes ago. I kinda miss the tandem of Charla and Mirna. Would they appear again in the next Amazing Race All Stars season? Hehe…

In this season, there is a blonde team, sisters, father and daughter tandem, dating weirdos (gothic), grandfather and grandson and some I have forgotten. Arrrggghh… I can’t remember what country they are in. I just remember how the donkey cried on a certain team. The view in that country is really awesome!

Next week, I would make sure to do my laundry before Saturday morning so I won’t miss a minute of The Amazing Race Season 12.

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Anonymous said...

hey i'm a fan of The Amazing Race too! glad to know that there's another blogger who shares the same interest as me. I have some posts regarding the race maybe you could check it out. Can we xchange links?