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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Amazing Race 12 and Ugly Betty

I was surprised that Studio 23 has a schedule of the Amazing Race 12 every Tuesday at 8:30 P.M. Yey! I don’t have to watch it every Saturday morning. Anyway, this time I enjoyed watching the show. I was able to get to know some of the teams. Some are competitive and some are annoying. There is even a lesbian minister couple.

I am just annoyed with the Father and Daughter tandem. The father is very controlling and he treats his daughter like dirt. I just hope in this race, they would get to know each other well and the father would treat his daughter right. It feels like he is disconnected with his family. I still have to find out their story.

After the Amazing Race 12’s second episode was Ugly Betty’s episode. I find tonight’s episode of Ugly Betty witty and funny. I was laughing loud especially on the scene on the roof with Betty and Wilhelmina. While Betty was approaching Wilhelmina on the other side of the roof, a loud thunder roared in the sky. When Betty stared at her back, there was Wilhelmina’s personal assistant playing with a sheet of metal thus creating the thunder sound. That was very hilarious or I’m just silly laughing at it!

Henry, the love interest of Betty went back to work at Mode again. Henry’s return made Betty’s life in chaos once again. I think they would be together after Henry learned that his girlfriend cheated on him and probably his girlfriend’s baby is not his.

Hmmm… What else? Betty’s father has finally earned his US visa with the help of Wilhelmina’s Senator father. They had a deal that in exchange of keeping quiet to Wilhelmina’s affair with her bodyguard. Wilhelmina would make sure Betty’s father would be granted an US visa.

And finally… I learned that Santos, the husband of Hilda really died after he was shot on the last season.

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