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Monday, October 29, 2007

Will and Grace Separated Part II

After Grace died, I can’t sleep Sunday dawn. I had a hard time sleeping that until 3 A.M. I was still wide awake. I was guilty for her death. Sigh...

This morning 10 A.M. when I was about to feed my three remaining fish, I was shocked to see that Grace’s partner fish, Will was floating on his back--dead. At that time, all I can think was I did something wrong with the way I am handling them. It is either I over feed them, they lack oxygen or I over clean their fish bowl.

There are two more fish left in my fish bowl, Jack and Karen. I hope they would last for a long time. I plan to buy an oxygen pump and a fresh plant to make sure they would live longer.

Any fish loving bloggers out there that would share their knowledge in taking care of their fish? Leave your comments please. I would appreciate your tips. Thanks!

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crazed_heck said...

kawawa namn yung fish...sana si jack at grace mabuhay ng matagal...

MONACO said...

hi makoy, sorry to hear about will and karen. but be prepared for more deaths kasi ganun talaga sa hobby na yan. here are a few tips that i learned:

1. when buying new fish, don't transfer them at once to the fishbowl. they can't take the drastic temp change. submerge the plastic in the bowl for about 15 mins para same sila ng temp.

2. before putting them in the bowl, get a little water from the bowland mix it with the water in the plastic. bad din kasi yung sudden water change. by doing this, gradual yung change.

3. fish don't like clean water. di ba mas gusto natin if the water is clear and clean always. it's not good for the fish. don;t change the water often.

4. buy water conditioning chemicals to condition the fishbowl.

there are many other pointers to learn pero this may be the most impt for now since you're just starting.

Vlad said...

Joy and prosperity to you!

rv said...

I think all fishes need an oxygen tank, except for janitor and fighting fish. At least the "pet" fishes.

Check how often you should feed them. There are many tips online.

Check if your water supply has high chlorine content. Promise, my fish died because of this. There are chemicals on sale to counter this XD