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Monday, October 8, 2007

Visit To Parañaque

Saturday, when I got to MRT Shaw Boulevard station, I texted my friends and asked on what food to buy for my family in Parañaque. A friend responded to just buy a cake or pastries.

At Taft MRT station, I bought a box of special ensaymada then went straight to the grocery to buy some fish crackers for my friends in San Dionisio Credit Cooperative. Before I went home to our house, I would drop by first at San Dionisio Credit Cooperative to terminate my time deposit and transfer it to Security Bank. I would use a portion of it to buy a new laptop for my birthday.

On my way to San Dionisio Credit Cooperative, I texted my friend who works there and told her that I bought her fish crackers. She replied that she don’t like fish crackers, so instead of giving her fish crackers, I gave the special ensaymada instead.

When I left SDCC, I went to SM Sucat to buy another box of special ensaymada for my family. It took me almost lunchtime to SM Sucat. When I got home, my folks and sister were surprised that I’m home. At that time they were doing the laundry. As usual our house helper hasn’t returned home. And according to my sister, it has been a month since she left.

When I went to my room to check for my dumbbells, my cabinet was locked. I asked my mom for the key then placed it in a plastic bag. My dumbbells weigh 10 lbs each that’s why until now both my arms ached a lot. By 12:30 P.M., my mom, my sister and I had our lunch. My sister cooked Mussels with coconut milk and string beans. Yummy!

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