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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

QTV 11's Exhibit at Tektite

QTV 11's Exhibit in TektiteLast Friday after work we went to our building's auditorium to check out QTV Channel 11's exhibit. According to my officemates who visited there earlier, there were free foods and free goodies. Aside from that there are guest celebrities that would grace the occasion.

It was a long line to the entrance. Everyone is required to present their ID’s to claim the food and drinks stub. When we entered the auditorium, we immediately saw the buffet table on the right side of the room. I was still full at that time coz my officemate had a farewell snack before 5 P.M.

QTV Food buffetNear the stage of the room, Raymond Gutierrez was flocked with employees asking for his autographs. After signing for autographs, he went to the stage then introduced himself. He plugged his show on QTV, “Livin’ It Up” as well as to invite people to watch QTV.

Right after that we went to the buffet table to get our food. I like the spinach lasagna and the roast beef. While we’re having our light dinner, QTV crews are interviewing some selected employees with watching camera and microphone. We left the exhibit knowing that Tim Yap would arrive in a while.

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