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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pardon For Erap

Last Friday when I reached my apartment, I received an SMS message from a friend expressing his annoyance over President GMA’s pardon to Erap Estrada. I didn’t know about the pardon until his SMS message. My first reaction was to ask if it was true. When I tuned in to the primetime news, I was shocked with disappointment that it was actually true.

What’s going on with our political system? Are we just playing games here? Should we just call our government “Moro-Moro?” After six years of trial and spending money for Erap’s plunder case it would just gone to waste? Has justice turned into a popularity contest or a system that works only for the rich and the powerful?

I strongly disagree with President Arroyo’s reasons for Erap’s pardon. I think it is one of her desperate acts to divert attention to her administration’s scandals. Not only that but to also get the sympathy of Erap’s supporters and to grab Erap’s neck.

On Erap’s homecoming in San Juan, I find him like a holy sheep still trying to make the people believe that he is innocent. It’s hilarious to see him under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo hands even declaring her as President twice that day. He even thanked the President for the Executive clemency. Hahaha!

PGMA’s move was a mistake. It only gave a negative impression that politicians can do any illegal acts as long as the President is willing to give them executive clemency. Her basis should be of public interest and not for her personal goal. I just hope her wished political reconciliation and political stability would be a result to this executive clemency.

In my opinion as long as these politicians continue to think about themselves, the rift between the administration and opposition would continue. The cause of all this is there want for power and money. They should start serving the people and not themselves.

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Anonymous said...

yah, I think this is bull++++.....wala tayong marararting kung ganyan ang mga namumuno sa aitn.

Prudence said...

That news can certainly make one's blood boil.

I also blogged about this here.

That's the copy of the original post, since my main blog is down :-(