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Friday, October 12, 2007

New Exercise Routine

Finally, I did my exercise after a long hiatus. I used my 99-peso jumping rope from Toby’s as a warm-up exercise. I had a hard time doing the jumping rope for only five minutes. My thighs and calves ached after that. I did some push-ups afterwards then did some dumbbell routines.

I just hope my body would be back to its former shape where I have some (tiny) muscles. I also hope this would help make my resistance strong and I wouldn’t feel weak anymore.

Sigh, forgot to do some sit-ups! That’s why it felt like I missed doing something.

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Beth said...

good for you!

Leonore said...

hehehe...i tell you dearie, mas masarap ang matulog ah...magpakapagod ba?!

MONACO said...

sana sipagin din akong mag-exercise!

good exercise choice. i read somewhere it's good for your cardio.