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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Makoy Turned 26 Part II

When we got in to my room apartment, Mommy Nokk gave me three presents: scented candle, a poem book about friendship and a “pangkamot” stick. I really love the poem book! I’ve been wanting to buy Pablo Neruda’s Odes to the Opposite and Odes To Common Things book but it cost too much. Thanks again Mommy Nokk for the gifts.

Aside from Mommy’s gifts to me, I also received a bathroom scale, vacuum storage and fish bowl with two fishes. I named the fish Will & Grace. I plan to buy two more and I would name them Jack and Grace. Hehe.

bathroom scale fish bowl fish bowl poem book and scented candle vacuum storage

Anyway, I asked Mommy to teach me how to clean the fish bowl. It was a tedious task and I was scared that I might hurt the fish. We successfully cleaned it and made Will and Grace clean and happy!

After their short visit, I walked them back to the van then we said good byes.

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