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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Laptop Update

My frustration in finding a good deal laptop finally halted today. I called PC Live in MegaMall late afternoon to inquire about the same Compaq laptop in Silicon Valley. The sales attendant told me that they don’t have stocks for that laptop anymore. Instead they have a new released Compaq laptop 3618 with the same specs of Compaq 3525 but with a much lower price (2,000 variance).

I asked for the credit card installment and was pleased to hear that I can use multiple credit cards if my limit is less than the laptop price. I even asked if there’s a free printer included in the laptop. The sales attendant gladly told me that he could give me a free printer.

Would they even say yes if I ask for an optical mouse and a cooling pad?

I would visit MegaMall’s cyber zone tomorrow to check for other options. I’m excited to buy my ever first laptop! Yey!

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maki said...

gudluck! i remember when i bought my very first and only laptop...i felt so much excitement like you.

MONACO said...

i miss my laptop from the office. unfortunately, had to return it when i resigned. of course, he he. now i have to be content with the desktop at home.

southdude said...

wow!!! any updates???