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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I’ve Been Plagiarized!

After I had my lunch today, I checked my MyBlogLog account for new visitors. It has been a habit for me to check my readers comments as well as to say my “hi” to new visitors.

I was surprised to see my recent Dneero article posted on a fellow blogger’s blog. He copied my whole article as is own and didn’t bother to include me as his source. I felt irritated and violated for his article grabbing without my permission. Grrr!

His version of my Earn Money From Surveys article:
dNeero helps bloggers make money by filling out surveys and have the option to post their answers in their blogs with an additional pay. And each survey by the way wouldn’t take as much time.

The payment for every answered payment would be credited to your PayPal account. You even have the option to donate your earnings to dNeero’s charitable institutions.

According to the rules, you are only allowed to answer five surveys a day. So just choose from the social issues survey you are interested to answer.

To start earning money from surveys, click this link.

Happy survey!

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Lorelei said...

This is a very common problem. I've had it happen to more than a few of my blogging friends. You are not alone!

Cielo said...

Maybe he thought that the description of Dneero wasn't yours. He probably thought you got it from the website. Tsk tsk. He should've checked first.

Congratulations by the way on your 600th post:) You truly are a certified blogger!

Jaren said...

Don't worry about it. This stuff usually happens.

Remember the one that copied the article without due credit or proper linking. Is Considered as duplicate content and usually the "copies" are the ones that get penalized.

The Rainmaker said...

We all plagiarize sometimes but to copy a work on its entirety is definitely wrong.

MONACO said...

i've read of these things happening before. too bad we cannot do anything about it. or can we?

Prudence said...

You should contact this blogger who copied your post through email. Ask him to put down that post he copied from you or at least, give you some credit. If he's reasonable enough, he may become too embarrassed and just take down the entire post. Well, if he's dense and still continues to post it, well, I'm afraid you can't do more about it except blog about that particular blogger plagiarizing that post.

parisukat said...

parekoi what's up na? sorry to hear bt the copying thing. newaze huli man daw at magaling huli pa rin.. pero belated hpi brdey to you !

ano na nangyari sa wish laptop mo?

Natural said...

that really sucks. at least you found the post and can get them to take it down.

eam said...

Yes, this happens but we all should not take it sitting back. It's OUR work, we should be given proper credit. AND NO, I don't agree that "we all plagiarize sometimes"- WE SHOULD NEVER PLAGIARIZE, not even a line! Plagiarism is a crime and it should not be tolerated.

Makoy, I see that you wrote the guy a note, that's the first step. but it seems to me he did not remove the article, it's still there. Under usual circumstance, the guy in err SHOULD apologize openly on his website that he copied an article. IF he wouldn't admit, he should take/delete the entire article as though he never wrote it. If he does not do it, you can really escalate this by writing to blogspot and report him. Take it even further by NOTIFYING all the major websites he is associated with in his blog- Facebook, myspace, adsense, digg, pinoy blogospohere, etc. ALL of it. Some of you may think I'm overreacting but that is the only way to stop people from doing what they do.

This is a serious offense in the United States so be forewarned everyone. Once these companies verify that indeed this guy plagiarized your work- they can ban him for life! nobody wants to be associated with a person who plagiarizes.

You can tell all these to the guy NOT as a threat but if he really does not remove that article and apologize to you, you must be willing to go through all the nitty-gritty of pursuing this issue. Otherwise, everything will be for naught...

To learn more, I've always found this website helpful: http://www.plagiarism.org/

Hope you work it out with this guy! The important thing is you do something, not just take it as ok... have a good one!

jaycee said...

that's a common problem actually in the blogosphere. actually you can ask the author of the site to remove your content there.

anyway, with regards to an hp laptop... di ko alam yung exact price, but i think it ranges from 50K up. Suggest ko siya kasi pag nasira yung laptop, you can go to hp customer service sa makati to have them fix it.

btw, nag change na pala ako ng url to www.jayceesdesires.info, paki change na lang yung url ko... thanks

bugITs said...

makoy..veryvery comon problem as lorelei said..anyways, we know you are the original! keep blogging!

by the way,..i tagged you .please visit my site.. Halloween Special: The Blogger’s Story

Dawn said...

I've had this happen to me before and it sucks. If people are going to steal other people's work, whats the point in having a blog, because they'll get caught eventually.

I personally would report the blogger to whichever host they're using, and see if something can be done about it.

Here via Blogexplosion.

Grace said...

Good morning!

ei.. kuya, bat di nyo po xa e contact. Kapal nmn yun. aw. hehe passing through. I'm your new and maybe your regular visitor na dito. ex links?

Have a nice day!