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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How To Take Care Of Your Fish

At the office while juggling with my tasks, I managed to do some research on how to take care of my fish. I really want to know the mistakes I did that resulted to the death of my two fish so next time I wouldn’t worry too much.

I just focused on one site and I guess they have covered all the questions I want to ask. I just copied it in a Word document then printed it so I could read it at home. The information was overwhelming to grasp. So far here are the major things I have to do:

1. I need to use bottled drinking water instead of tap water. Even the tap water is treated with water conditioner, it is still not safe for the fish.
2. I only need to replace 20% of the water in the fish bowl. I usually replace all of the water except for the small portion where I keep the fish while I’m cleaning the bowl.
3. I shouldn’t overfeed my fish. Try to test your fish appetite first. Feed them first with a pinch of fish food. If they have consumed it in a short time, add another pinch until they have stopped feeding.
4. The fishbowl shouldn’t be overcrowded. I would take out some gravel, stones and plastic plants (would replace it with live plants).

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1 comment:

monaco said...

just a reminder my friend, different fishes ahve different requirements. i learned that the hard way, when my fishes started dying on me.